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Alec Wilson

The Internet (most recently, the Bay Area)

I'm Alec. I'm a data scientist and product manager.

I am currently working on machine learning to improve advertiser interactions with the Meta Business Group sales team. Prior to that, I took a semi-career break in 2021 to work on VaccinateCA and with Jason Crawford on launching Roots of Progress as a non-profit and the Progress Forum. Before that, I was the first product data scientist at Airtable, where I worked on initiatives like building an experimental framework and defining org-level metrics. In the past, I was on the SMB team at Facebook, where I led data science for the launch of Boost with Facebook, worked on measuring brand sentiment, and built solutions for long tail advertisers. Before Facebook, I led growth at Upwave.

I also do sporadic consulting projects, focusing on analytics, data science, and growth. Feel free to send me a note if you are interested.